The Problem With Mass Made Protein Bars


DIY Protein barsDid you know that the vast majority of mass-made protein bars are FILLED with garbage? With JUNK?

READING PROTEIN BAR LABELS– Cheap and low-quality sources of protein (like soy, soy crispies or ‘crunchies’, gelatin, inferior whey protein, and collagen).
– Artificial ingredients and artificial flavors.
– Corn syrups and their derivatives.
– Refined oils and simple sugars.
– A crazy amount of artificial sweeteners – from sucralose to aspartame, fake stevia, and a whole ton of sugar alcohols (many of which give people fierce bloating et al).
– See the full list of ingredients here.

You then also find “high protein” bars like this:

The Problem With Mass Made Protein BarsAnd people think they’re choosing a healthy option! No. No, no, no. If you like to eat protein bars, MAKE YOUR OWN. They’re simple – with our Pow mixes in fact, you’ll only need two or three extra ingredients! Check out the video below. They’re quick, they’re convenient, and they’re always be FRESH.

No junk dressed up as healthy, you know?

No bar that’s designed to last on store shelves for months and months is better for you than what YOU can make at home in under five minutes.

Need more convincing? Check out these recipes and get making your own bars. There really are no excuses to buying them ready-made.

Make your own bars and you’ll see! You will NEVER want to buy another ready-made bar again, you’ll save a ton of money in the long-run, and your body will LOVE you for it.

Make Your Own 2-Minute Bars With our POW! Mix

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